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Benadon and alcohol how does it affect?

Benadon is a medication that should be taken on medical advice or prescription. Even so, there are many doubts about the possible use of benadon against hangovers and about the effects that benadon can have before or after drinking.

How does benadine affect alcohol consumption?

The essential active ingredient contained in benadon is pyridoxine , better known as vitamin B6 . It is a micronutrient, which is obtained through multiple foods of animal and plant origin and can also be present in vitamin complexes, drugs and food supplements.

There are diverse opinions about benadon , but in general, experts point out that its impact or possible effects with regard to alcohol consumption are minimal.

It is true that pyridoxine, along with other B vitamins, such as B12 , and also together with other antioxidant substances, can be used in medical treatments to alleviate the serious effects of alcohol poisoning , but this does not mean that benadol serve to avoid the harmful effects of alcohol.

The effects of benadon

Benadon has been developed with the aim of providing the body with vitamin B6 when it is not found in sufficient quantities .

This vitamin is essential for the formation of red blood cells and for the proper functioning of the digestive system and nervous system. In addition, it intervenes in different metabolic processes, such as the one carried out by the body when metabolizing the alcohol ingested and eliminating the toxins produced in the process.

Although a deficiency in vitamin B6 is not common, it can occur for different reasons and one of them is excessive alcohol intake , which can make the absorption of vitamins, in general, more difficult and their levels decrease.

In this sense, taking benadon for a hangover could be helpful by providing that vitamin B6 that perhaps the body demands after a night of partying and drinking. In these circumstances, the function of benadon would be to help effectively replace the deficiency of vitamin B6.

Dizziness, headache or tiredness are common symptoms of a hangover that coincide with symptoms similar to those caused by a lack of vitamin B6, which, in any case, benadon would help provide.

Does benadon help you avoid getting drunk?

It is necessary to be clear about what benadon is for, understanding that its function is only to provide the body with vitamin B6, something especially important in deficiency states.

It is estimated that benadon, due to its content in this group B vitamin, could promote the correct release of glycogen from the liver, necessary for the metabolization of alcohol, but this natural process would not prevent drunkenness, although, perhaps, it could help to soften its possible effects.

There is also no evidence that vitamin B6 has hepatoprotective (liver-protective ) properties , such as those found in some medicinal plants, including milk thistle present in effective anti-hangover pills made with natural ingredients.

How does benadon work against a hangover?

In anti-hangover kits you may find benadon to combat alcohol, although it is not the only remedy against a hangover , nor the most effective.

Taking it the next morning, after having enjoyed a celebration, a wedding, a party until late hours and with a few drinks, is a way to give the body extra nutrients that won't hurt at all.

Benadon is basically vitamin B6 and can relieve the symptoms and general discomfort of a hangover if alcohol intake has generated a deficiency of this vitamin by making its absorption difficult.

If your symptoms have nothing to do with a deficiency of this vitamin, perhaps more than a medication like benadon, what you need are some really effective anti-hangover pills that provide you with: powerful antioxidants , elements with anti-inflammatory properties or substances that help to purify the body.