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What does the #NoWorries Recovery hangover remedy contain?

#NoWorries Recovery is a food supplement against hangovers composed exclusively of a natural extract of the Hovenia dulcis plant . Hovenia dulcis or “raisin tree” is a tree found mainly in Southeast Asia and has been traditionally used in remedies against alcohol poisoning.

Its healing properties are based on its main component, dihydromyricetin (dhm), also known as ampelopsis, a component that significantly accelerates the metabolism of alcohol . Various scientific studies carried out by prestigious universities such as the USC School of Pharmacy in California have shown that Hovenia dulcis reduces the levels of alcohol circulating in the blood when it is consumed before drinking. Furthermore, this metabolization is usually more effective when ampelopsis is consumed 30 minutes before alcohol intake.

Additionally, studies show that this rapid metabolization of alcohol not only reduces headaches the next day, but also protects the liver. Alcohol is first metabolized by the liver, which is damaged in the long term if exposed to large amounts of alcohol. DHM produces a series of metabolic changes in the liver, helping to reduce its cellular damage . These changes are the following:

  • DHM activates the liver's generation of more ethanol-metabolizing enzymes such as ALDH (acetaldehyde dehydrogenase) or alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). To metabolize a drink, our liver needs approximately one hour. If consumption is continued, the liver becomes saturated and releases toxins. However, since Dhm triggers the production of more ethanol-metabolizing enzymes, this situation can be counteracted.

  • It increases the effectiveness of the enzymes ADH and ALDH , allowing them to quickly convert ethanol into simpler substances that the body can easily eliminate through urine.

  • Reduces the accumulation of lipids (fat) in the liver caused by alcohol consumption, which can lead to liver diseases such as cirrhosis.

  • It hinders the appearance of cytokines (inflammatory proteins ) that increase the oxidation of liver tissue, which can trigger autoimmune diseases such as cancer.

Each #NoWorries capsule contains 300mg of DHM . The recommended dose for average alcohol consumption is 500mg. That is why for a somewhat higher consumption that is going to cause a hangover, we recommend taking 2 capsules of #NoWorries (600mg). If consumption would be much higher, we recommend taking 4 capsules (1200mg), 2 before drinking and 2 after.

Being a natural dietary supplement, #NoWorries has no side effects and can even be taken in higher doses without any risk. Of course, we recommend that in the event of pregnancy or any adverse health situation, you consult with your doctor or specialist.

And now that you know a little more about how we can fight hangovers together, what do you think? Are you joining the #resacawarriors family?