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Does vitamin B12 help against hangovers?

The effectiveness of vitamin B12 against hangovers is an unclear issue that arouses diverse opinions. It is true that after excessive alcohol consumption, vitamins, in general, can contribute to a better recovery of the body .

Vitamin B12 against hangover

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is an essential nutrient and as such, once ingested, it can help make the usual symptoms of a hangover more bearable. It all adds up and a vitamin can do you good, but be careful! always in the right measure. Keep in mind that B12 is not a 'magic' remedy that will make your headache or nausea go away.
An anti-hangover remedy could contain B12 along with other vitamins, such as B1 and B6, but including these nutrients does not guarantee its absolute effectiveness and it is worth remembering that there are other solutions. For example, you could opt for anti-hangover pills , made with natural ingredients such as milk thistle or ginger root.

How vitamin B12 interacts with alcohol

There is some confusion about the relationship between low or lack of vitamin B12 and alcohol. The myth of the effectiveness of this vitamin in stopping the signs of a hangover derives from the medical practice that consists of injecting a vitamin complex that includes B12, if necessary due to alcohol poisoning .
In this sense, vitamin B12 would help combat a binge , always in combination with other vitamins of group B and with some serum based on glucose with which to maintain blood sugar levels and facilitate the work of the liver in its efforts. in eliminating excess alcohol. That help from vitamins, in any case, would not prevent the hangover the day after .
What has been proven is that chronic alcohol consumption can cause a deficiency of vitamin B12, since the constant presence of alcohol in the body could hinder its correct absorption.
When we think about an anti-hangover kit , we are not talking about chronic alcohol consumption or alcohol poisoning, situations that must always be avoided. Anti-hangover pills are designed for people like you, who are simply going out for a night out, or have had a celebration, and want to feel well to enjoy the next day with a small but effective anti-hangover aid based on natural and safe ingredients. .
 When to take b12 and alcohol? In general, taking a vitamin complex that includes B12 can help overcome the effects of alcohol, but it is not the only option to relieve a hangover. It is also not advisable to resort to B 12 tablets before going out to a party.

Characteristics and benefits of vitamin B12

B 12 is a water-soluble vitamin that helps keep the nervous system and neuronal connections in good condition. It also intervenes in the formation of red blood cells, being essential to avoid certain types of anemia and so that the body has the necessary energy and vitality .
We obtain vitamin B12 through our diet, although we must remember that it is only provided by foods of animal origin . Vegetarians or vegans need to take it in the form of food supplements or by taking foods enriched with it.
The ingested vitamin is absorbed by the body, being partly stored in the liver and the excess being eliminated through urine. Meat, fish, eggs or shellfish are some natural sources from which to obtain vitamin B12.

Does vitamin B12 help against hangovers?

In conclusion, it can be said that vitamin B12 is not a magic remedy against a hangover, although its presence, at adequate levels in the body, could favor the elimination of alcohol and its toxins through urine , but as long as liver function and glutathione levels are correct
Group B vitamin supplements can be helpful when it comes to regaining energy after a night of partying, but there are other anti-hangover pills with nutrients that are much more effective when it comes to combating the most common symptoms after consuming highly concentrated drinks. alcohol content .
Purifying the body by accelerating the elimination of toxins, stopping the action of free radicals, stopping the inflammatory processes triggered by alcohol... is possible with elements that nature itself offers us and that have little to do with B12.