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Two young entrepreneurs launch a revolutionary anti-hangover remedy

We are Raquel and Iñigo, two young workers who love to party, but also give our all in our work. We love Thursday afterwork, but it has happened to us on more than one occasion that we have woken up the next day regretting that extra beer and wondering how, with how advanced science is, there is no anti-hangover remedy.

That's why we decided to create it ourselves. We began to investigate, seek advice and read a large number of scientific studies on natural remedies against dehydration caused by alcohol and on medicinal plants with antioxidant properties and we found the key. This is how we discovered the Hovenia dulcis tree, also known as “sweet stick” or “raisin tree” , a tree of Japanese origin that contains dihydromyricetin (DHM), a revolutionary element that accelerates alcohol metabolism. Thanks to this, the headache associated with a hangover is significantly reduced, and the liver is also protected. DHM is the first natural supplement with a clinical study showing that it reduces the negative effects of hangovers in humans by 75%.

While we were reading and researching, we couldn't contain the desire to try this natural hangover remedy and so we did. On August 1, 2021 we completed our first order from a Japanese herbalist. It was a food supplement based on Hovenia dulcis. We tested the supplements several times with different alcohol intakes and were amazed. The next day we woke up as if we had not gone out the night before . This had to be tried by our friends and family! We placed a second order on September 1 and tested the product again with our acquaintances and the result could not have been more positive. This is how we decided to embark on the adventure and create #NoWorries Recovery, a vegan food supplement, gluten-free and without any chemical elements, composed exclusively of a natural extract of Hovenia dulcis.

Since we decided to undertake and bet on #N oWorries there has not been a day in which we have woken up without energy, in a bad mood or with a headache . Could it be the effects of #NoWorries? Or perhaps the desire that everyone can enjoy this miraculous natural anti-hangover remedy just like us?

Enjoying the party without worries has never been so easy . Of course, remember to always drink responsibly. #NoWorries Recovery will not reduce the effects of alcohol at the moment, but DHM only reduces the effects associated with hangover and dehydration after metabolizing alcohol. Don't confuse it and always drink within your limits.

With all this, we hope you join the #NoWorries family and together we become the #ResacaWarriors! Do not hesitate to write to us in our form if you have any questions and... leave us your comments after trying it on the web, social networks (@noworries_recovery) or by email ( We can't wait to hear your opinions!!