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How does milk thistle work against hangovers?

There are many people concerned about avoiding the effects of alcohol. There are people concerned about how alcohol influences their cholesterol levels , possible liver problems or hangovers. Nature is wise and there are many plants that have powerful therapeutic properties such as those that milk thistle has against hangovers.
The relationship between milk thistle and alcohol is marked by the active ingredients present in the composition of this plant. It is capable of protecting the liver from damage generated by free radicals that occur when metabolizing alcohol.
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) recognizes the beneficial properties of milk thistle against possible liver damage. That is why plant extracts are not missing as a basic ingredient in the most effective anti-hangover remedies. 

Why does milk thistle help against alcohol?

Headache, nausea, lack of vitality and general malaise are common effects caused by excess alcohol. These effects can be minimized by resorting to natural remedies that protect both the digestive system and the liver.
In this sense, milk thistle is an excellent help against a hangover for two reasons. On the one hand, it favors the process of eliminating toxins derived from alcohol and on the other, it protects the liver.
The secret of this medicinal plant and its anti-alcohol properties is in its silymarin content . This is a powerful natural antioxidant that also has hepatoprotective properties, that is, it protects the liver, contributing to its recovery and regeneration.

Characteristics and benefits of milk thistle

The beneficial properties of milk thistle are not a recent discovery. For centuries, its extracts have been used to relieve different ailments, being present as an ingredient in numerous natural remedies from ancient civilizations, including traditional Chinese medicine .
Milk thistle ( silybum Marianum ) is an easy to find herbaceous plant. It can even reach 3 meters in height and contains elements beneficial to health in its leaves and flowers, especially for the stomach and liver.
Milk thistle before drinking alcohol is highly effective due to its protective and regenerating capacity. Its anti-inflammatory properties and its effects against possible liver damage caused by alcohol make it an ideal ingredient to include in anti-hangover pills . These pills are designed to be taken before a celebration or a night of partying and drinking.
In addition to its preventive characteristics, we must add its benefits when it comes to promoting the body's good recovery . An anti-hangover remedy with milk thistle in its composition will help compensate for the toxicity generated by excessive alcohol consumption. This happens because its flavonoid content , mainly silymarin, gives it maximum effectiveness.
Eliminating toxins and promoting the regeneration capacity of liver tissues are two of the properties that have made milk thistle used in numerous natural treatments to combat liver diseases . These same good properties are what make it an excellent ally when it comes to minimizing the symptoms of excess alcohol in the body.

Milk thistle against hangover

It is proven that milk thistle works when it comes to stopping the effects of alcohol . Enjoying a fun evening with friends, that bachelor party or any celebration without worrying, because you know that you are going to wake up well, wanting to take advantage of the next day, is simple with this natural remedy, because milk thistle is a ' weapon' against alcohol that has been known for centuries.

How to take milk thistle to get rid of a hangover

If you are wondering how to take milk thistle for a hangover, you should know that you have different options. Effective infusions can be prepared with the leaves and flowers of the plant , ideal for helping to purify the body, settle the stomach and ensure that the liver regains its balance without forcing it to overexert itself when it comes to getting rid of the toxins generated by alcohol. .
Infusions can be good for you, but another effective remedy , simpler and more within reach, is to use anti-hangover capsules or pills that contain milk thistle . Some of these pills combine the active ingredients of the plant, especially the beneficial silymarin, with those of other natural elements to give the remedy greater and more complete effectiveness. Raisin tree, Reishi mushroom extract or ginger root are other gifts that nature gives us that, together with milk thistle, allow us to create infallible remedies both to prevent the symptoms of a hangover and to minimize its effects.
Before, during or after drinking, try taking a milk thistle-based remedy against alcohol, enjoy your night and forget about the hangover!