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Go to work hungover

"I just got promoted, let's celebrate tonight!" This text message lights up your phone around 5pm while you're getting ready to leave work. Your best friend has finally gotten the promotion of his dreams!
Full of excitement, you leave work and head straight to the bar to join the celebration. One toast leads to another and before you know it, you're waking up hungover and completely overwhelmed.

Reduce hangover to go to work

A good solution if you have a celebration and the next day you have to work or you don't want to have a hangover is to take anti-hangover pills or sachets with natural vitamin B12 before you start drinking. If the damage has already been done, don't worry, all is not lost yet. We leave you our advice.

Go to work hungover

The hangover has arrived. The biggest problem is that it's Wednesday and you have to go to work.
This happens more often than you think: 75% of employees in Spain. They admit that they have come to work with a hangover at some point. So the next time you add to this statistic, put these four tips into practice to curb the hangover and maintain success in your career.

Evaluate if you should go to work

On average, people use two days of sick leave a year to stay home and nurse an alcohol hangover from a night out. Although it may be tempting to skip those days, if you are very sick you may want to stay home.
Start getting ready for work and when you're ready to walk out the door assess if you're still not feeling well, then make the call. I hate to say this, but if you have a breathalyzer, go for it. Driving to work and showing up still drunk would be a bigger problem, beyond respect for work. Don't take chances, many drunk driving violations still occur the next morning.
Consider talking to your boss about working from home or taking a sick day . Honesty is the best policy, sometimes. 66% of people who informed their boss of the true reason for their illness did not receive any repercussions. But you have to be careful, as you want to ensure that you are respected and understood at work. Instead of spilling the dirty laundry from the night, if they ask you about your missed day at work, share your symptoms ( headache and nausea ) but leave out the culprit behind them.

How to spend the day with a hangover at work

Prepare well for the day. Take a contrast shower , alternating the water temperature between high heat and extreme cold. This will increase blood flow circulation in your body, and in turn, will help you wake up and recover from inflammation and the harms of alcohol consumption. Not only that, but it will eliminate that layer of alcohol sweat that probably covers you and gives off that characteristic smell. Many people also consider using ibuprofen against a hangover .
When your body is metabolizing alcohol , the liver releases a large amount of heat and your endocrine system (balances hormones) is damaged, causing hot flashes. Prepare for this by wearing comfortable, breathable clothing that reduces possible sweat lines. Wear natural fabrics such as cotton or linen and avoid light or bright colored clothing.

Eat a nutritious and hydrating breakfast

If you're going to the office with a hangover , make sure you hydrate and come in with a healthy meal.
I suggest eating a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, the complex carbohydrates in oats have been shown to improve mood and reduce that nighttime fatigue , while the nutrients in blueberries help combat the inflammation your body is dealing with.
Caffeine helps reduce headaches , but keep in mind that coffee is a diuretic that actually induces dehydration. Swap it for a mild green tea, take an aspirin with your breakfast, and drink red ginseng, which has been shown to alleviate the effects of alcohol consumption and hangover symptoms. Be sure to add honey to your tea, which has been shown to slow the elimination of alcohol from the body and reduce overall hangover symptoms.

Improve your work environment.

He feels dizzy? Change your computer background to grayscale. If the emails that appear in your inbox are a shade of gray, rather than bright white, you'll reduce eye strain and headaches .
Turn on the diffuser on your desk. Fill the diffuser with lavender and peppermint to reduce nausea, headaches and provide calming energy in your workspace. If you can't use a diffuser in your office, peppermint essential oil can be placed on your belly, lower back, or temples.

Reflect on the future when the work day ends

You have made it through the day successfully, congratulations! Now ask yourself, was that night of partying that hurt your productivity and potentially your reputation at work worth it? Do you know what the symptoms of a hangover are ?
Before you leave the office, refocus your priorities and make a list of the five most important things you want to accomplish this year. Put it in your purse and the next time you go out for Taco Tuesday with your friends, take a look before you accept that third, fourth or fifth margarita.