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The best recipe for Mexican micheladas

Do you want to know how to prepare micheladas that are as refreshing as they are delicious?... The michelada is one of the most popular drinks in Mexico and a cocktail appreciated around the world. It is made from a very cold beer , to which very particular ingredients are added. Discover what they are while taking good note of the keys and secrets of the Mexican michelada .

How to prepare Mexican micheladas

There are different theories about the origin of the michelada recipe, although one of the best known indicates that this famous combination was born in San Luis de Potosí , in the central region of Mexico. It is said that it was Michel Esper , a member of the city's sports club, who used to drink beer with ice and other garnishes and that this peculiar drink began to become popular and was called michelada, as a derivation of Michel's name. It is also said that, in reality, the word michelada has more to do with the terms beer + ice cream . Apart from this curious anecdote, what is interesting to know is that making Mexican micheladas is easy, takes little time and gives excellent results . In addition, it is a different drink with which to surprise your friends and guests at parties, celebrations or even in salsa games.

What is michelada

The michelada is a combination based on blonde beer, lager type , in which lemon juice is not missing either. It must be taken into account that there are different varieties of this drink and you can find micheladas with very different nuances. Among the most popular, the Mexican michelada stands out, which is characterized by its light spicy touch. The michelada is a light drink that has a powerful flavor between the acid of citrus and the daring spicy touch. It is most appetizing because it is drunk very cold and because it only contains beer as an alcoholic beverage .

michelada recipe

Whether you have already tried it and loved it, or if you want to discover what the quintessential Mexican cocktail tastes like, take note of how to make michelada and the steps to follow so that it turns out great.


You will not have any problem finding the ingredients for the michelada since they are basically: Blonde beer (2 thirds), the juice of two limes (or lemons), a small spoonful of hot sauce , preferably Tabasco, a spoonful of Worcestershire sauce , such as Perrins or Worcestershire sauce, fine salt , ground chili and a good amount of ice . taste of each one.

Preparation mode

Having your Mexican micheladas ready to enjoy with whoever you want is a matter of a few minutes.
  1. Choose the glass where you are going to prepare the michelada. Split one of the limes and run one of the halves over the edge of the glass.
  2. Have ready, on a plate, some fine salt mixed with chili powder. Place the glass upside down on it so that the rim is well coated with salt and hot chili . Thus, the michelada will awaken a thousand sensations just by bringing the glass to your mouth.
  3. Turn the glass over and pour the amount of ice you want into it along with the lime juice . Also add the two sauces: spicy and English.
4. Finally, add the ice cold beer and enjoy! And if you want to have a good morning when you wake up, don't forget your favorite hangover pills .