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Is it true that beer takes away a hangover?

You've probably heard that beer takes away a hangover and more than one well-intentioned friend has recommended a beer to help you feel better in a matter of minutes.

If after a night of partying, drinking and perhaps a game of salsa , you wake up with a headache, nausea or general discomfort and you don't know how a beer will do for your hangover , keep reading and clarify your doubts.

First of all, we must remember how our body reacts to high alcohol intake. Ethyl alcohol or ethanol affects the nervous system and our neurons. It can also lead to an increase in stomach acidity and, in addition, once metabolized, it implies an extra effort for the liver , which tries to stop the oxidative process that alcohol causes in the body, eliminating the toxins generated through the urine.

The consequence of this process is the hangover the day after, but it must be made clear that there are really effective remedies to alleviate its main symptoms . Regarding the eternal debate about whether beer eliminates a hangover or increases it, there are opinions for all tastes, so it is advisable to analyze the objective data .

On the one hand, beer provides fluid , something that the body needs to stop the dehydration process, the result of excessive drinking, but, on the other hand, we must not forget that it is an alcoholic beverage .

In addition, beer is rich in antioxidant substances , good for minimizing the effects of toxins derived from alcohol.

As a last important fact, beer also contains vitamins , especially group B, including B12, considered effective against hangovers . All of these data are what raise more than one doubt when it comes to determining whether beer works as a hangover remedy.

Myth: hangover goes away with beer

Although everyone has their theory, thinking that a hangover goes away with beer is a mistake. When taken, the alcohol it contains can contribute to a temporary well-being , based on the effects of alcohol itself, which can function as an analgesic, while providing a 'false euphoria'.

Although you may momentarily feel better, drinking a few beers is not the best option to combat a hangover because by doing so, you are increasing the amount of alcohol in your body.

To overcome your hangover, the last thing your body needs is to drink more alcohol . On the contrary, what will make you feel better is taking an effective remedy, such as hangover pills that, in their composition, include substances that promote the real recovery of the body .

Milk thistle to help the liver purify the body by eliminating toxins, ginger root , with anti-inflammatory properties, reishi mushroom extract ... in most cases, the best remedies are hidden in nature itself .

As a summary and to put an end to false myths, it can be said that the idea that beer removes a hangover is not true. It can temporarily mitigate it, but not because it really eliminates it, but because by giving you more alcohol, it makes you return to the 'happy' state of the previous night.

If the hangover continues, the remedy will be worse than the disease , because, in the long run and surely, the hangover (when it arrives) will be even more intense.