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The 10 best drinking and sauce games for parties

There is nothing better to have a good time having a few drinks in good company than to dare yourself with one of the many alcohol party games that you have at your disposal. Of course, not before taking your capsules to avoid having a hangover .

Fun, ingenious and perfect for revealing some of the best-kept secrets among friends , drinking party games are always an original and very lively proposal.

Single party? Birthday Party? long-awaited reunions to catch up on adventures and misadventures?... so that any meeting or celebration has guaranteed entertainment and laughter , decide to try some of the most surprising group drinking games and salsa games and don't worry about how much your hangover will last .

The best games for parties with alcohol

Proposing a game in which drinking alcohol is combined with performing some fun test , showing curious skills or even obtaining valuable 'confessions' is a guarantee of success for any party .

The fun and disinhibition that alcoholic beverages provide means that drinking games with friends can be the start of an evening that will not be forgotten.

Take the test and choose between the ones we propose. You will see how even those who, at first, were reluctant, are encouraged to participate.

Group drinking games

Chatting, dancing or flirting, with more or less success, is very good and they are activities that work as excellent ingredients for a good party, but if you are the host and want something more, drinking party games are your best allies for a total success .

They are simple games to have fun with your old friends, but they are also ideal for gaining confidence with new friends or breaking the ice with someone you like.

If you want alcoholic beverages and skill or ingenuity to form a perfect tandem , take note of one of these games and have fun participating.


Buzz is a classic among alcohol party games because it is as simple as it is fun and because as the game progresses, things get more complicated and the laughter increases.

To put it into practice, a player starts by saying the number 1, the next, 2, 3 and so on. Easy, right? But the difficulty is that you have to establish a certain number or numbers that cannot be said and that always have to be replaced by the word 'buzz' or by the noise of a buzz (if you're good at it). imitate that sound without laughing).

For example, you can determine that the number that is not said is 5 or any other number where it appears (5, 15, 25...). Furthermore, the figures must be said at full speed . Thus, something that is initially simple will become more complicated, because each failure will involve taking a good sip of your glass , shot or beer.

Beer Pong

Some skill and aim are the conditions required to succeed in this fun game in which two friends, or two teams, will end up drinking a good amount of beer. Beer pong is one of the best drinking games to play with friends, especially if the group is dominated by 'beer masters'.

There are different ways to play, but any of them requires preparing the board. Although any table will do, the ideal is to have an elongated , ping pong type table (hence the name) where each team will place, at each end, a series of glasses with beer so that they form a triangle .

The game consists of throwing a ping pong ball trying to hit one of the opposing team's beer glasses . If the ball makes a basket, the opposing team's players will have to drink the beer and remove the glass.

So on and each team shooting once. Who wins? Whoever first forces the opponent to drink all his beer, of course, leaving a little for the next morning because beer for a hangover can work as a good remedy.

Truth or dare (which will have to be overcome)

Between group drinking games and salsa games, this entertaining proposal is a great mix of the two. It is based on the classic 'truth or dare' but including a variant. The game consists of giving a good account of your favorite alcoholic drink whether you refuse to answer honestly to that somewhat compromising or indiscreet question, or if, to escape from the trap, you choose the challenge posed by your friends and you cannot overcome it. In any case, this game is a safe bet so that the party does not end .

I'm going to the bar

This is another game, somewhat calmer, in which the participants test their ability to concentrate and remember , something that, in the festive atmosphere, is not easy and can end up causing chain laughter.

It is the same as other similar games, in which words are added to an initial phrase so that it becomes increasingly longer and more difficult to remember and repeat .

On this occasion, each player would have to say the opening phrase 'I'm going to the bar for...' followed by the name of an alcoholic drink.

After having made a long list with: vodka, rum, gin, whiskey ... it will be easy to make a mistake. Every mistake will be paid for with a strong drink.

The serious faces

It doesn't fail. Trying to stay serious, holding in laughter, is what can end up producing the most desire to laugh and, of course, in this game, anyone who is not able to remain impassive, without making a single grimace, much less letting out a laugh, will end up drinking .

Each participant must write a funny phrase or a joke that a partner will have to read, of course, without smiling in the slightest and putting up with the jokes of the others, who can laugh a lot while looking at them. Would you put up with the 'cruelty' of This group drinking game ?

Greater or lesser

A meeting that may be a bit boring can be transformed into a real party with this drinking game with friends. You just need a deck of cards, something to drink and the desire to liven up the evening .

Once the cards have been shuffled, the first player takes out one of them and leaves it visible to everyone. The one on his right takes the next one and, without seeing it, bets that his card will be higher or lower than the one on the table. If you get it right, you take your turn, but if you miss, you must drink.


Medusa is one of the favorite games for parties with alcohol because of its dynamism (it is played very quickly) and because it is perfect for looking at the face of that boy or girl you like .

It is ideal for taking a few shots together while having a great time.

To play, you have to sit in a circle, with the drink in front of you and with your head down so as not to see anyone. On three, you have to pick it up and fix your eyes on someone. If the person you're looking at is also looking at you, you'll both have to shout "jellyfish ! " as quickly as possible, because the last one to say it will be the one who loses and has to drink. If your look doesn't match anyone, you get away. A very fun game that tests the speed of your reflexes.

The best salsa games for parties

Drinking party games have an ideal complement in salseo games , perfect to liven up any meeting and to get to know or get a little closer to that person you are interested in .

Salseo games are ingenious, fun, somewhat mischievous, and are designed to awaken the interest of someone specific or to discover a secret or two. Among the best you have, for example:

I never

This is an unbeatable mix of salsa and group drinking game that will also serve to discover the 'darkest past' of one of your friends . Starting the sentence with 'I have never...' you can confess or make known almost anything: 'I have never kissed a girl' 'I have never done topless'... whatever you want. The game is that, after the confession, all those in the group who agree with that statement must drink from their glasses, as a sign of support and camaraderie.

True or false

Another classic salseo game , ideal for finding out more about someone you are interested in or directly asking them something you don't dare to ask. One player has to tell a story and the others must determine if what he tells is true or false . In some cases, a certain number of questions are allowed. Finally, the player who told the story will say whether it was true or not, to know who was right (and won) and who was wrong. With the famous true or false, you can discover endless intimacies.

Letters, drink or kiss

A daring salseo game is this one, which is played in a group and with a deck of cards. It consists of, sitting in a circle, passing a card from one player to another, but with the peculiarity that you have to pass it with your lips . How?... the game consists of taking a sip of the alcoholic drink that each one takes and, with wet lips, trying to get the card to stick to them, in order to pass it to the next player, who will also have wet her lips. If the card falls between two people, you know : either they kiss or they will have to take another good drink from their glasses . What will happen in the next round?