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Why is it said that whiskey doesn't give you a hangover?

Do you want to know why whiskey doesn't give you a hangover ? Would you like to confirm, once and for all, whether this widespread idea is a myth or true? If so, keep reading, because we will tell you everything you want to discover about a possible whiskey hangover.

Why is it said that whiskey does not give you a hangover?

Being able to have a few drinks and not suffer the consequences of a hangover the next morning is everyone's wish when it comes to enjoying a night out . Therefore, debating which alcohol is best to drink to avoid a hangover is a recurring topic.

Although there are all kinds of opinions, many agree that whiskey is one of the alcoholic beverages that produces the least hangover .

The reason for this belief could be in the whiskey distillation process and the congeners that it produces . You may not have heard of them, but congeners are natural chemicals that are generated together with ethanol, that is, together with the alcohol itself, during fermentation.

Acetones, amines, histamines or tannins are some of these substances, responsible, to a large extent, for properties such as the aroma or color of alcoholic beverages .

It is believed that these congeners are partly responsible for the common symptoms of hangovers and are present in greater quantities, precisely, in dark drinks such as: cognac, wine, bourbon, rum, red wine and also whiskey.

That being the case, then why is it said that whiskey does not give a hangover?... the popular statement is based on the fact that, among the 'darker' alcohols, whiskey is the one that usually has the fewest congeners and, therefore, the one that produces the least hangover . Even so, you must always take into account the existing varieties of whiskey, including the differences between different brands regarding the exact composition of a whiskey.

Does whiskey really give you a hangover?

Unfortunately, whiskey, like any other alcoholic beverage, taken in excess does cause a hangover . Nausea, headache, dizziness or general fatigue indicates a high number of whiskeys the night before, which may make it necessary to look for a remedy or some good anti-hangover pills .

In any case, it must be remembered that the intensity of a hangover not only depends on the alcohol ingested, but on multiple factors , from one's own physical constitution to diet or the more or less healthy lifestyle habits followed. Do you know which liquors have the least calories ?

As a summary, it can be said that whiskey gives you a hangover , less than other dark alcoholic drinks such as cognac or rum, but probably more so than if you opt for 'clear' drinks such as gin, vodka or tequila. Up to you!