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The least fattening alcoholic beverages

When enjoying a traditional aperitif, an after-dinner meal or a night of partying and drinks, you have surely asked yourself, on more than one occasion, which alcohol is the least fattening.

This is a common question, which arouses maximum interest, because when it comes to going out and enjoying our favorite drink in good company, we all pursue a triple objective: having a good time, not having a hangover the next morning and not gaining extra kilos.

Alcoholic drinks with fewer calories

We know that alcoholic beverages make you fat, but not all of them equally. The caloric intake of each of them will depend on two elements: the alcohol content , that is, the gradation, and the amount of carbohydrates they present.

Each gram of alcohol means ingesting 7 kilocalories. They are also empty calories, which do not provide any nutrients. To these we must add those of carbohydrates, present especially in the usual combinations that mix alcoholic beverages with soft drinks or fruit juices .

Needless to say, the possibilities when choosing a drink are endless and range from those with less alcohol, such as wines , beers or cider , to stronger liquors and distillates.

Of all of them, the question is to discover which is the alcoholic drink with the fewest calories , perfect both for a night of dancing and for drinking during an evening of fun salsa games without regrets about skipping the diet.

Top 5 alcoholic drinks with the least calories

Alcohol provides a significant amount of calories that are pure energy . The body tries to burn it as soon as possible, thereby giving up 'pulling' on its glycogen and fat reserves.

Basically, that is the main reason why these drinks make you fat and it is important not to forget that, to minimize their impact, sport and exercise are the best resources . In this sense, it could be said that the least fattening alcohol has its best ally in fitness .

Furthermore, if you are interested in knowing which alcohol is the least fattening , in the list of alcoholic beverages with the fewest calories they occupy the top positions:

  1. Cider . The delicious Asturian cider is a natural drink, the result of the fermentation of apple juice. It is not only one of the least fattening alcohols but also one of those that does provide interesting nutrients . A glass of cider (about 100 ml.) means ingesting between 45 and 50 calories .

  2. Beer . Beer is one of the most consumed drinks in Spain that also provides nutrients as it is made from fermented cereals . Beer , a hangover remedy for some, has calories very similar to those of cider, about 45/100 ml . The traditional beer is around 75 Kcal, so the beer belly thing is not entirely fair or true.

  3. Wines . Wine is also at the top of the alcoholic beverages with the least calories , although there are important variations depending on the type of wine. To give you an idea, the lightest are the rosés , around 70 – 80 kcal per glass, followed by the whites, with 70 – 130 kcal and finally the reds, 70 – 140 Kcal or more.

  4. Cava and Champagne. These sparkling wines , which are not lacking in Christmas toasts and celebrations and which are also present in the preparation of exquisite cocktails, are also alcoholic beverages with very few calories , around 70 - 80 kcal per glass.

  5. Tequila. Among distilled drinks, the ones with the most calories, tequila is one of the least fattening alcohols of this type, since, despite its high alcohol content, a shot (30 ml) would provide about 65 kcal (less than other drinks). with similar characteristics such as vodka or gin).

Alcoholic drinks with fewer carbohydrates

When choosing the least fattening alcohol , you not only have to take into account the strength of a drink but also its carbohydrate content .

Limiting carbohydrate intake is important in any weight loss diet. Knowing this, if you want to lose weight without giving up a night of partying and drinking, the ideal is to opt for drinks that contain the minimum amount of carbohydrates possible. In this sense, distilled drinks such as whiskey, gin, rum, vodka or tequila are perfect, because they have 0 carbohydrates . Its calories come only from alcohol.

Of course, the drinks prepared with these drinks that also contain juices or soft drinks will add carbohydrates from the sugars that they provide. If we talk about mixed drinks or cocktails that directly contain added sugar, such as mojitos , the level of carbohydrates rises noticeably.

Regarding fermented drinks , these do have carbohydrates in their composition, although in variable and not very high contents . To give you an idea, a can of beer (33 cc) contains between 2 and 8 grams of carbohydrates depending on the different varieties and brands.

For its part, in wines and cavas, the drier or brut the broth is, the less carbohydrates (sugars) it will contain and provide to the body. In general, any wine has fewer carbohydrates than beer.

Tips for drinking without gaining weight

Drinking in moderation is important, but there are times when celebrations or parties involving alcohol consumption may pile up. Christmas, vacations, bachelor parties, weddings... if you want to enjoy them, without gaining extra kilos, it is important to follow some tips to drink without gaining weight and if you don't want to have a hangover, learn how to make an anti-hangover pack with Mercadona products .

Drinks with a lot of alcohol and little sugar

This is the first piece of advice to keep in mind, because the best way to achieve this goal is to opt for distilled liquors , with a high alcohol content (according to your tastes), but with zero or minimal sugars . Vodka, rum, gin... are liqueurs with a significant caloric content, perfect for the liveliest nights, but without sugar, so the ideal is to drink them alone, and not in combination, so as not to add unnecessary calories . In addition, other practical tips for drinking without gaining weight are:

  • If you want to make combinations with stronger alcohols but low in carbohydrates, preferably opt for water or if you prefer soft drinks, choose 'zero' or light . Remember that cocktails with fruit juices are the most fattening.

  • Especially with appetizers, be careful what you eat with your wine or beer . Some snacks may have more calories than the alcoholic beverage itself.

  • Burn the calories ingested with your drinks as soon as you can, any ideas?... if your party has music and dancing, don't hesitate, hit the dance floor! And, if not, a little gentle exercise the next day will make them easy to eliminate and you can drink without gaining weight.