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How to make an anti hangover pack

An anti-hangover pack is the great detail with which to put an end to any celebration. Bachelor parties, weddings, celebrations... If you want to leave your guests the best memory , go ahead and prepare a small gift, original, fun and practical, with which to relieve the symptoms of a hangover , quite likely.

Without a doubt, the idea is good but perhaps you are not sure what to put in an anti-hangover kit .... water, instant coffee, some candy and some remedy that helps combat nausea or headaches seem to be essential elements. Do you want more ideas about what the ideal anti-hangover kit should include ? ... take note!:

How to make the perfect anti-hangover pack

A good anti-hangover kit is one capable of making your guests smile while also providing them with effective relief the next morning, when the effects of alcohol are noticeable.

In that rude awakening, some anti-hangover pills with vitamin B12 are the best thing you can offer them for a quick recovery . The rest of the items in the kit are just accessories. The important thing is that the anti-hangover kit includes that natural and effective remedy that helps restore its balance to the body . Many people think that other medications, such as Benadon, help with alcohol consumption, but the ideal is to take products made specifically to combat hangovers.

If you are planning a party and want to make your anti-hangover pack , think about what your friends are like and how to surprise them. To succeed with your anti-hangover kit, you just have to imagine the scene the day after and think about what items or products will be great for curbing the symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption. Combine a touch of originality with some natural anti-hangover pills and your pack will come out on its own , also resulting in a complete success.

What to put in an anti-hangover pack

There are anti-hangover packs for all tastes and you can buy them already made or prepare them yourself, something that will always make yours unique and very personal .

Two essential elements cannot be missing: a small bottle of water and some anti-hangover remedy that relieves the worst symptoms. In addition, some food that provides immediate energy , such as chocolate or nuts, along with some sachets of soluble coffee or infusions such as chamomile or tea are also good ingredients for an ideal anti-hangover pack . Other possible options, some of the cheapest , can be found in supermarkets such as Mercadona.

Ideas for Mercadona anti-hangover packs:

At Mercadona you have bags of candy and other fun sweets, perfect to include in your anti-hangover pack.

In addition to water, another good suggestion is to give your guests a juice that you can find in the supermarket in 'mini' format or an energy drink.

Mercadona's perfumery section can also give you good ideas for your anti-hangover pack: a sample of moisturizing cream, anti-dark circles, some makeup remover pads, or a disposable razor can help improve your post-party look in a matter of minutes.

Products aimed at achieving fresher breath , for example, a mini toothpaste and toothbrush set, a mouthwash or some mint gum will be more than valued.

As a last suggestion, it doesn't hurt to add any other element that provides well-being to the anti-hangover pills. Therefore, in your Mercadona anti-hangover kit, including some plasters will be especially good for all those who wore new shoes at the event and their feet suffer the consequences.

Decorate an anti-hangover pack

Decorating the anti-hangover pack is the final detail so that this small gift pleases all your guests and is a very special souvenir of the celebration. You can choose between decorated bags or boxes in different sizes, depending on the content of your anti-hangover kit. You have light kraft paper bags , funny fabric bags with a bow or cord closure, mini metal boxes... in any case, it is important to personalize the anti-hangover packs with some reason that turns them into a unique detail.

On the bags, it looks great to decorate with a phrase written in a beautiful handwriting . Another idea for anti-hangover kits for weddings is to include the name of the couple or the date of the celebration. You can also choose to call the kit with some original name, such as ' kit for the brave' or ' survival kit' instead of calling it 'anti-hangover'.

If you prefer the image to the word, the options are also very varied. A photo of the group of friends scanned and printed on the bag or box, the drawing of a romantic heart or a big smile, are possibilities at your disposal so that the anti-hangover pack is not only an effective remedy but also a beautiful memory.